It wasn't "cool" to blog when I was 17.

That's where I started, a little ol' blog became an outlet for me to write, post my photos, tell style stories, post inspiration and connect. Speed through a degree in apparel design and merchandising, hustling my way through working any relevant job I could take, I got a 3 month mentorship from one of the most talented pattern makers I've ever met at Rachel Comey, won some awards for "most original" and "best technique" in my designs. Decided to work a year as a writer in Marketing, landed a product photography and digital marketing position at a startup in PDX, worked my into a corporate brand content position, and now... I'm here.

Still creating, but it's cool. Really dang cool.


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Tayler Worrell Portfolio - Art Directon & Social Media

photo: Boone Rodriguez 

Know your core. Bring your community to the forefront of every decision, position your brand to be a resource for your customer to lean on. Give them what they need, inspire them to want more of what you offer. My focus is in content art direction, leveraging my background in design, social media, copywriting and influencer marketing to expand brand awareness and engage new and current customers for long term business success.