barre3 My Present Truth Brand Campaign

Brand & Social Campaign Concept, Strategy, Creative Development — barre3 

Marketing Director: Nicole Griffin | Creative Director: Madeline Chandler |

Art Director: Jaclyn Hudak | Video: Jenn Byrne 

When the world is tells you to be small, and to always think to the future, barre3 is a safe space to move big, practice presence, and be your authentic self. This campaign was an extension of the barre3 brand and core values, advocating that all bodies are remarkable, just as they are in this present moment. This helped launch the subscription and class product evolutions that cued clients to tune into how they feel before, during and after their workouts, as well as the annual January Challenge activation. 


As part of the barre3 January Challenge Brand Campaign in 2019-2020, I lead and developed the #MyPresentTruth concept, content development, social strategy, engagement strategy, and influencer programming. Integrating the brand stories across all marketing touch points. Each spot below are real testimonials from barre3 clients across the world. 


110.5% to plan in digital acquisition

117.44%  to plan in studio acquisition

22% YoY growth in new traffic from social 

181% YOY growth in impressions 

  Influencer Partnerships 

@desireesiegfried One of mine this year is to be intentional about getting back into my body post baby, and feel more alive, energized and like myself again in an intentional way. Join me for the @barre3 January Challenge to do just that & have fun while you’re at it! Also- classes are online so you can do them at home! #MyPresentTruth #barre3 #barre3partner

@rocamoons Life has looked a bit different for me lately. . lots of milk spills (yes I’m now aware I have a leak spot here ha) bum wiping, and never napping when the baby naps coz - 4year old :’) 😆.. The to do list never seems to end, and finding time for myself is tricky to come by. Everyday is a constant battle of doing what my body feels capable of doing, and what my mind tells me it should be doing (like chilling out or getting zzzz), and being patient with the process of rebuilding from a strong foundation even though I just wanna go hard already... but after all is said and done, I wouldn’t change any of it for the world 💛

I’m learning to embrace the slower pace and simultaneous fun chaos! Grateful for my amazing lil fam, this life, my body that bares miracles and @barre3 that keeps me moving at a pace that suits my lifestyle no matter the phase I’m in- (I did these before getting pregnant, my whole pregnancy, and even now post natal to help rebuild my core!) 🤸🏽‍♂️🙌🏼

Who’s keen to join me for the @barre3 January challenge!? A month of radical transformation-body and mind! Checkout my stories to learn more or ask questions below if u have ;)

@jnaydaily It's a NEW year and it's SO easy to let TRADITIONAL fitness challenges that are motivated by FEAR and unrealistic BODY ideals run the show.


I am so guilty of setting out on that SAME path year after year. Who can relate 🙋🏾‍♀️? THIS year I am taking ownership of SIMPLY staying in TUNE with my PRESENT self, by checking in with my needs daily. This allows me the freedom to actually SHOW UP for my MIND & BODY in ways that are rooted in acceptance, gratitude and joy. Say whaaa? 


#ad Join me for the @barre3 challenge to MOVE your body YOUR way, abandoning all external measures of SUCCESS. This is my PRESENT TRUTH, but please share your present truth around how you hope to be more in tune with your mind & body.  

#MyPresentTruth #barre3 #barre3partner

@sydneyliann I didn’t dive back into an exercise routine at 6 weeks postpartum. It’s technically the “green light” mile marker for resuming physical activity but I needed a little longer than that to feel like I had a sense of Obie’s routine and to let the dust settle with three kids. I woke up today, at 2 months postpartum and then some, and suddenly it felt like a good day to MOVE. I nursed and put Obie to sleep, actually cooked and ate a warm breakfast and then sat down to do a 10 min @barre3 routine... RIGHT as he woke up lol. Sometimes even 10 minutes is asking a lot right now.  




I DID eventually get it done and it even though it was short, it felt soooo good. Grateful to ease back into a routine with an at-home program like @barre3 that encourages presence in our bodies, self-kindness, and intuitive movement. I’m going to be doing their January Challenge if you’d like to join me! Just head to the link in my profile! #barre3 #barre3partner