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Peruvian Organic Cotton: The Story Behind The Iconic Hanna Pajamas

Hanna Andersson - 2016

Working with brands that practice transparent production is important to me. So, in 2016, I pitched a story about Hanna's most iconic products, organic cotton pajamas. The goal: catapult Hanna's positioning as the number one premium organic cotton kids and family clothing company by bringing transparency into their high standard and ethical manufacturing practices, setting Hanna ahead of its competitors. After several rounds of presentations and pushing for its importance, it was approved. I went solo to Peru with the guidance of our production manager and sourcing manager, and toured and documented farm to finished product. This work remains unpublished, as the business' focus shifted, yet remains one of the projects I'm most proud to have pitched, directed, shot and produced in entirety. Below you'll find a quick reel of the trip, and best-of images. 

Peruvian Organic Cotton

Creative Intent

Connect the consumer to the product by showcasing the technical process behind quality, and the people who make it. 

Communicate Four
Product Attributes
Fiber | Yarn | Color | Seams

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