A lasting closet— Everlane Brixton Boot: Review

Chelsea boots have become a staple in many-a-closet and we're all on the search for the perfect one to suit our style and needs. I usually have pretty hefty requirements when it comes to shoes, they have to be durable and comfortable enough for a lot of walking, and versatile enough to wear daily. For Chelsea boots this means a rubber sole is a must, a flattering ankle height, and the right color combo.

Everlane Brixton Boots Review

HalleluYEAH. First impression, yay! They look good on my feet, offset my weird angle and calf shape, got that rubber sole and pretty much go with every single thing in my closet. So, I put them to the test and have been wearing these 5 days a week for a month. First wear. A little tight, but I didn't walk far, so we're good, and we looked good. I compliment them. Second wear. I walk to work, about a mile and a half. Three quarters of a mile in and my heels are in agony. Mind you, I went a half size up like I did the Everlane Modern Loafer, which also too eons to break in, so what did I expect? Tried the keep walking to fight the blisters technique till my heels were raw and I couldn't take it anymore. That was probably nine miles in, so it was time for a different technique. The ol' blow dryer trick. Put super thick socks on, put on the boots, then blow dry the areas of the boot you need to stretch. Move your foot around to stretch the leather. In this case I just moved my heal in and out pressed against the back of the boot. It worked like magic. Why I waited nine miles to do that? I have no idea. Now they are perfect, the leather has broken a bit at the ankle and they fit me like a glove. What I love most about this is the slender shape, flexible foot and perfect shaft height. I have a weird thing with the height of ankle boots, and them needing to cover my ankles at just the right spot. I give the side eye to ankle boots that are too low on the ankle, but these are perfect. I've been wearing them everyday with the trusty skinny ankle jeans, I don't see myself taking these out of the daily rotation until the weather changes and it's just too warm. Can't wait to see how they break in over the years.

Everlane Brixton Boots Review

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