A lasting Closet— Fjällräven 'Kånken' Water Resistant Backpack: Review

When shopping for a new backpack, this bag seemed to have everything I was looking for. Water resistant, simple design, front zipper pocket, smaller size... I chose the Royal Blue because somehow I've ended up with an entirely olive outerwear wardrobe, or seemingly so when there are days I walk out the door with an olive sweater, olive coat and olive backpack. It's been time to switch it up for a while. Now, I'll just end up with an entirely blue outerwear wardrobe, which I'm okay with. Moving on... It came just as expected. The color matches, the size is what I was looking for (10 ½"W x 15"H) and everything looks great. The straps had to be adjusted a lot there isn't a ton of leeway with the strap length. After about a month of everyday wear, to work, weekend trips and just out and about there are a few things I do want to mention that aren't my fave. The laptop slot. Yes, it's great that there is one, it comes with a foam sheet for protection, but it has to be removed for your laptop to fit inside of it. It feels like the fabric might rip with the tight fit of both a laptop and the foam protector. I use a Macbook pro 13" and a Macbook Air 13", I had to take out the foam protector in each use case. I wanted the smaller size, (10 ½"W x 15"H) but shoppers error here. I like the look and feel of the smaller backpack, but have realized I sometimes carry too much shit around with me and could use a few more inches for things like my larger sketchbooks and extra workout shoes... etc. The quality. It looks and feels durable, I imagined the canvas would have been slightly heavier than it is but it hasn't soaked through the many rainy walks to and from work, so it works. The kicker: the seaming along the front pocket fastening the zipper is starting to unravel. Big bummer. The zipper is only fastened with a single line of topstitching which means it's going to unravel and the zipper will fall off. I originally wanted to buy from the Fjällräven site directly, but didn't because Nordstrom offers free shipping free both ways. Now that I've returned it, I am glad I made the decision to buy from Nordstrom in the first place. Having to pay for returns is (for no reason other than my own privilege) an obstacle for me.

When I first started this little series about the things I purchased, for some reason I had expected that the more thought I put into the purchases in the first place, would prevent or reduce the number of items I buy and don't like... But, that wasn't really the case here.

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