We're living in a time where the golden key to marketing is content, and access to that content is easy for most everyone. We're shoving it into our own faces, and getting it shoved in front of us in places we feel like we can't control. I work in the social marketing space, and myself have felt out of control with the messages I absorb through technology and in my life. I've dealt with sudden feelings of guilt and confusion about my career in content marketing for business and how that plays into my my moral beliefs and living life with intention.

One place I feel that I have complete control of— is what I listen to. I am probably the opposite of an audiophile. I prefer total silence most of the time, and when I do decide to absorb human formulated sounds, I'm fairly particular about what that is. In the current stage in my life, I've been relatively passive in my personal involvement in the content marketing world. The 2009 blogger I am wants to create things that mean something, while being the captain of the social media ship in a multi-million dollar company I create things to sell something.

This odd push and pull between what I want to do: create meaningful work, and what I have to do: create to sell products. What has helped me sync up my perspectives and navigate my thoughts when I want to diverge one way or the other, are these podcasts. Hearing stories, listening to interviews, learning about others experiences that I can relate to has opened my mind to not having a this-or-that attitude in my career. To be able to find happy medium and a place I always strive for in my own creative path.

I've come to believe that a huge area of growth and the future of content marketing, is audible. I love that its a place right now where feel like I have total control to what I'm absorbing, while also learning, gaining new perspectives and getting inspired about things for my own life.

Podcasts For Creatives

Design Matters by Debbie Millman.

I truly don't know if I've listened to anyone who comes into interviews with as much grace or care for the other person like Debbie. The caliber and diversity of people she interviews truly makes me feel like I'm absorbing sound bites of gold from every single episode. There's no other podcaster or interviewer that I think of (maybe oprah?) who does better research or has more well posed questions than her. She takes even the interviewees on a journey of their own lives, bringing out perspectives and ah-hah moments to both the interviewee and the listener. Heck, I learn more about myself just by listening to her interview other people. She's that good.

The Science of Social Media by, Buffer.

As we know, at the end of the day, Buffer is selling... well, Buffer. But, as a smart company they do an amazing job as a resource to small and large businesses, relaying social knowledge and strategies that can apply to a wide array of industries. If something within a platform changes, you can expect Buffer to come out within the next few days with an episode about it. It's not too "sell-y" either. There have been definite times as a social manager myself where I needed the words to describe certain changes or updates to my team, and they were a great resource for that. I don't listen to every episode, but it's a great archive to have on-hand.

Being Boss with Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson.

My ear drums have been soaking up their voices for a few years now and I haven't gotten the least bit tired of it. These ladies are entrepreneurs and best friends who run their own businesses, and a business together called Being Boss. What I love about this podcast is that they have focused yet diverse content. They talk about their own experiences and advice running their own business, and then use that lens to prompt questions to other small business owners that really inspire the listener (aka me) to be their own boss. I'm not an entrepreneur (yet), but I have found a lot of the conversation inspiring and helpful in my own career in social media marketing and creative. I think one reason this is one of my favorite podcasts is because they have their finger on the pulse, and interview the same kinds of people. Folks who really understand modern marketing and what they've done in their small businesses.

Biz Chix Podcast by, Natalie Eckdahl.

The beginning episodes are some of my favorites. One of the first female oriented shows I got into that really brings forward the full scope of women's lives and addressing where each individual is at now, and how to move forward as entrepreneurs in todays world. Her on air coaching episodes will make you feel comfort in "not being the only one" and also inspire you to focus on your core and make the right steps forward in your life and business.

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman.

This podcast is full of so many treasures. In my own career and currently, I'm in a company that's scaling pretty quickly and the experience scaling the subsequent social growth was really challenging in an already mature company. This podcast has provided some invaluable insight into how both mature and startup brands have scaled their business. Really, it's been the podcast to provide me with relevant perspective about the crazy things that can happen within quickly scaling brands and has had huge influence on my attitude and expectations in that experience.

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