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Hanna Andersson - 2018

Baby Registry Launch 

Role: Flats Art Director & Co-Art Director, Lifestyle

Art Director: Salina Clark

Photographers: Paige Jones, Kaitlin Green, Amy Winnerlind

Stylist:Becky Ross

Set Design: Susan Evans

For years, generations of families have come to Hanna Andersson to purchase premium gifts for their loved ones the second they learn of a new baby. The best pima cotton baby sets you can find— yet, no way to create a full-baby registry with Hanna directly... until now. In tandem with the new baby registry launch, we re-branded the baby collection and created moments that captured those sacred new-baby nursery scenes, while seamlessly integrating key product moments to both inspire and drive sales. Soft bright light, extra attention to fabric texture, quiet moments and joy for new baby. 

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